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Welcome to the World of Vision Gel Systems

Vision Gel Systems is a professional Canadian brand of Soak-off Gel Polish, Bottled Builders, Hard Gels and

specialty nail related products founded in 2014.

Always looking for new and innovative products for her clients, Lori Patton (Esthetician and Nail Technician for over 29 years) discovered our original soak-off gel formula and she knew, “This is the one!” So it began.


The time has come to share the "Vision" with you! You'll be glad we did... You'll never look back....  


You will not regret your choice to join all that is Vision Gel

Vision Gel Systems is a professional quality product, second to none, that produces professional quality results.

Easy to learn, long lasting and durable.

Our team of amazing distributors, educators and ambassadors located across Canada and the USA are

always available to help you with advice and answers to any questions you may have.



Vision Gel Systems is dedicated to providing top of the line products to certified professionals.   

From our huge array of gel polish (over 450 colours), to our bottled builder gels, acrygel and hard gels,

we hope to have provided you with a selection of professional products that will fill your needs.



  • Vision Gel Systems Soak-off Formula, a 100% Gel, easily soaks off in 10 to 15 minutes

• No primers are required for Vision Gel

• Vision Gel likes to be applied thin and cures in 30-60 seconds in LED or 2 minutes in UV

• To properly cure Vision Gel Systems, a lamp with a Wave Length of: LED 365+405nm/ UV365nm is required. Using our recommended lamps is best.

• Approximately 82 Sets from a bottle of gel polish

• Vision Gel polishes are highly pigmented, chip-resistant colours and offer extreme long lasting shine in a

Non-Shrink Formula. Polish stays where you put it.

• Available in a spectrum of colour from rich, dark and decadent to pretty pastels and everything in between.

• Builder gel systems for both natural nails and extensions including our “Bottled Builder”

• Cruetly Free

  • Vegan



  • Looking for a hard gel? Try our new "Ultra Hard Gel". Easy to file. No heat spike.


We are always adding new products to our line so check back often.


Proof of certification is required for all purchases.


Why the Butterfly?




A butterfly represents transformation.

Transform your nails into a "Vision" of beauty .


Our Products  

2-in-1 Base Coat This base coat and primer in one is required as the first step in the application of Vision Gel Polish and as a base for our Universal Builder. Perfect for healthy, strong nails. Cures 30 seconds in LED, 2 minutes in UV.

Rubber Base Coat  -Best Seller-  Our Rubber Base Coat allows you to provide extra strength to thin, brittle or splitting nails, while still being flexible. There is no need for primers or bonders. It can be used in place of our 2 in 1 Base Coat and as a base for nail extensions. can build a short to medium length nail with this. It becomes less flexible with each layer you add. Thin yet strong , it cures in 30 seconds in LED, 2 minutes in UV.

Vision Gel Polish The rich, vibrant colours of our pure gel polishes, are highly pigmented and chip resistant. They apply smooth as silk in one to two thin coats. It is possible to get up to 82 applications from a bottle. Cures 30 seconds in LED, 2 minutes in UV. (per coat)

Super Shine Non-Wipe Top Coat  Crystal clear finish. This long-lasting topcoat instantly transforms colours giving them a shiny, glass effect.  Designed to last 4+ weeks. Cures 30 seconds in LED, 2 minutes in UV. Or try our Steel Top Coat . Same attributes as our Super Shine Non-Wipe Top Coat but also strain resistent.These top coats must be removed by filing before soak off of any other of our products.

Velvet Matte Top Coat Achieve a perfect, silky-velvet finish with this non-wipe matte that stays matte for weeks! Feels so soft, just like velvet. This top coat must be removed by filing before soak off of any other of our products. Cures 60 seconds in LED, 2 minutes in UV. Bottled Builders Vision Gel Bottled Builders are self-levelling, medium viscosity, soak-off builder gels in a convenient bottle with brush, for easy and quick application. Ideal for natural nail strengthening overlays, sculpting short to medium length with forms and/or creating extensions using tips. They can also be used as base coats, as they are an all-in-one primer and base. 60 sec LED or 2 minutes UV

Universal Builder Gel Our newest bottled builder. Available in crystal clear and soft white. Easy to use for natural nail strengthening overlays, sculpting short to medium length with forms and/or creating extensions using tips. Excellent for students. Requires a base coat before application. 60 sec LED or 2 minutes UV

Structure Gel For those looking for a more traditional potted builder gel. This thick viscosity gel is easily applied to provide length, strength and durability, whether it be sculpting or applying tip extensions. An "all in one" clear gel that requires no primer or bonder plus has great adhesion for up to 4 weeks. A gel brush is needed for application. Also works great for stone adhesive. Cures in LED in 60-90 seconds, UV in 2-3 minutes

AcryGel Acrylic and gel combined to create an easy to use builder. It can be sculpted as an acrylic or use a dual form for application. Does not cure until put in the lamp, so extra time to play.

Blooming Gel Make beautiful nail designs easily with this simple to use product. It is "blooming" awesome! Create all kinds of designs, be it watercolor, marble, airbrushed, stripes and more. How to: Apply one of our Vision Base Coat, cure, 30sec LED. Apply one or two layers of Vision Gel Polish, curing after each layer. Now apply one coat of Blooming Gel , but don't cure it yet. Using any of our fantastic gel polish colours, apply your design and watch it bloom. Cure for 30sec LED. Seal with one coat of Vision Non Wipe Super Shine Top Coat and cure.

Foil Gel This is the best gel for transferring foil onto a nail in ONE PIECE. No waste, no trying to get it to stick. Fantastic! Apply 1 coat, cure 30-60 seconds LED, place your foil and gently rub the foil, using a lint free pad, until the foil has released. Coat with Super Shine Top Coat and cure .

ULTRA HG This is our newest hard gel line. (Base -Shine On-Mattify- Builders (Alpine Snow-Milky Way-Clear Ice- Pink Ice- CrystallinePastel Pink- Warm Pink- Nude- Natural) • All Ultra HG products require “Base” coat and a gel brush for application. These thicker, file- off, builder gels are ideal for sculpting long extensions and extreme shapes with forms, over tips or as an overlay on natural nails. Easy to file. Ultra HG “Crystalline” Clear is our hardest, strongest gel, reinforced with added strengthening elements making it an excellent choice for building clear extensions. Sculpt french tips with “Alpine Snow” or a baby boomer with “Pastel Pink” and “Milky Way”. Go for a crystal- clear look with “Clear Ice”, “Pink Ice” or natural with one of our nude shades, “Nude”, “Natural” or “Warm Pink”, and finish off with the “Shine On” Top Coat. Want a more matte finish? “Mattify” is the product your looking for. All ULTRA HG are file-off products which can be removed by an E-File or with a 120/180 grit file. • If you would like to turn any of our Ultra HG into a soak off gel, use a layer of Vision Rubber Base Coat before applying Ultra HG.

Special Effects Polish Cat Eye Gel Polish Our magnetic 5D Cat Eye gel polishes come in an assortment of colour. Each creates a hypnotic, colorful reflection that looks like a cat's eye. Use our Dual Head magnets during application of any of Vision Gel Cat Eye , to obtain extraordinary and original results  Clear Cats Eye This clear coat is intended for use over any medium to dark coloured gel polish to turn any colour into a gold cats eye Silver Cats Eye  This silver gel grates a mesmerizing silver cat eye look. Glass Gel A thin coloured gel specifically designed for beautiful, see-through glass effects. Available in a range of traditional stained glass window colours. Chameleon Gel A prismatic gel that shifts and changes colour with the light. This is great under nail art or used as art itself. Our Chameleon gel polishes do not require a black base but the effect has a much more dramatic look.

Rainbow Gel Mesmerizing, shimmery holographic gel polish in a pot.

Sheer French Nude This collection of sheer nudes are perfect for french manicures . Provides a natural look for all skin tones.

Lux Gel Collection Deeply pigmented, rich, luxurious one coat coverage. 30second LED 2 minutes UV

60 Pop Collection A collection of outstanding neon colours.

Back to School Collection If you like khaki, you'll love this collection 

VIP Diamond Gel Our collection of potted /leaf gels. Covers in one coat.

Diamond Gel We have the best in dynamic glitter gel polish. A collection of 38 shiny glittery gel goodness

Fairy Gel  Pretty collection of shimmery glitter gel polish.

Disco Gel This collection is a glitzy glitter that is one shade in normal light and a flashy shade in bright light. Bringing back disco flash!

Nail Art...  Spider Gel/Webz These are super fun elastic art gels. Easy nail art for anyone. Cures in 30- 60 seconds in LED/UV

Design Ink Inks make it a breeze to create watercolour, marble and more designs. No need to be an artist. Air dries

Stamping Gel Plus Not only a beautiful gel to stamp with but also great for one stroke painting and design painting. Three use product for the price of one! 30 sec cure in LED 60 sec in UV

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