Welcome to the World of Vision Gel Systems

Vision Gel Systems is a professional Canadian brand of Gel Polish, Bottled Builders, Hard Gels and

specialty nail related products founded by Lori Patton in 2014.

An Esthetician and Nail Technician since 1993, Lori was always looking for new and innovative products for her clients. When she discovered this gel formula she knew, “This is the one!” And so it began.


The time has come to share the "Vision" with you! You'll be glad we did... You'll never look back....  


You will not regret your choice to join all that is Vision Gel

Our team of amazing distributors, educators and ambassadors located across Canada and the USA are

always available to help you with advice and answers to any questions you may have.



Vision Gel Systems is dedicated to providing top of the line products to professionals.   

From our huge array of gel polish (over 450 colours), to our bottled builder gels and hard gels,

to our newest acrylic line, we hope to have provided you with a selection of professional products 

that will fill your needs.

We are always adding new products to our line so check back often.


Proof of certification is required for all purchases.


Why the Butterfly Woman?




A butterfly represents transformation.

Transform your nails into a "Vision" of beauty .