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Trouble Shooting

Client Tips

Be especially careful in the first 24 hours after application and avoid intense heat during this period (e.g. saunas, hot bath, or sunbeds).

Have client use cuticle oil daily to keep their nails nourished, to stimulate growth and prevent lifting.

The client should always wear rubber gloves when washing up, cleaning or gardening.and avoid long periods of time in water (e.g. long baths, swimming, ). 

They should always wash their hands thoroughly after being in contact with chlorine, insect repellant or sunscreen.

They should always return to salon for maintenance and removal

Do not use nails as tools (e.g. screwdriver) as this could lead to cracking and never pick or peel the product off as this could damage the natural nail.

Heat Spike

There can be a few reasons why a heat spike happens. One reason could be too much product, another reason could be that the clients nails have been damaged from overfilling or from picking/ripping the nails off. Other more systemic reasons why the gel will get hot in the lamp can be due to medications, illness, hormone changes, etc. or applying the gel too thick can cause a heat spike. The burning can damage the nail plate and the thick gel won't cure or bond properly. Gel should be applied in thin layers which helps each layer cure and bond properly. Thin layers and using a lower setting on your lamp should solve this issue. When using a low setting, remember to double the cure time otherwise the product will not be cured.

Polish Thickening

Polish has a shelf life of 18 -24 months Too hot or cold temperatures can shorten the life of your gel polish. Store polish at a room temperature of between 18-25C (64-77 F)

Product Not Curing

Make sure your client has proper hand placement in an approved lamp. Hand must be flat while curing to ensure the full nail plate is exposed to the light for the appropriate length of time. Thumbs are sometimes an issue. Cure them on there own to solve that issue. It is imperative that product is fully cured. Lots of issues including allergies can be created if proper curing is not completed.

Foil Not Sticking Foil gel must be cured or the foil will not adhere properly. Try curing an extra 30 seconds LED and using a lint free wipe to obtain full coverage on the nail.

Nail Crack

Use AcryGel as a patch

Nail Tips

Remember, acetone removes and melts plastic so make sure to not wipe freshly applied nail tips with acetone. Wipe only the natural nail.

Top Coats

Chemical reactions Product turning pinkish or yellow. Shine On will only work over colour hard gels. Once you build the nail with hard gel and switch over to a gel polish system (which is flexible) you should use a flexible top coat only. Super Shine No Wipe should work perfect.

On the other hand, we have found Super Shine No Wipe works over any kind of gel. Make sure product is fully cured

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